As a forward thinking organization, GK General Insurance is now offering a new type of insurance to Jamaica known as Microinsurance. Specifically this type of coverage offers protection that is not currently available via the traditional insurance framework and offers protection to persons who currently do not have access to insurance cover via the traditional framework.


The Microinsurance products offered by GK General Insurance are:


BillProtect is insurance coverage for either your JPS or NWC bills that have been paid at our sister company Bill Express.

Offered by Bill Express but underwritten by GK General Insurance, this insurance is free of cost to customers of Bill Express.

Bill Express pays the premium for customers to get this benefit, in the event of an accidental injury occurring. One (1) bill (either the JPS or NWC bill) will be paid for a period of two (2) months.

It is important to note that to qualify for insurance you must pay your JPS or NWC bills at Bill Express for a minimum of 2 months consecutively.

Some important conditions include:

  • The product is for injuries occurring and honoured under the policy.
  • No preexisting injuries and conditions qualify under the policy.
  • Injuries covered under BillProtect include:

o Broken limbs
o Major cuts and lacerations
o Dismemberment
o Vision loss or impairment
o Ligament or muscular injury

There is no sign up process, no payment required, and no questions asked.

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GKAmed is a personal accident insurance policy that provides reimbursement of medical expenses incurred as a result of an accidental bodily injury and/or provides a death benefit in the event that the policyholder has died due to accidental injuries.

Who can get GKAmed?
Any customer of Bill Express and/or the family member of an existing Bill Express customer who is being registered by that customer can get GKAmed.

What is covered?
GKAmed reimburses the medical expenses associated with the following :

  • Accidental Bodily Injury*

This is any injury that happens due to an accident (i.e not due to any illness/ailment) for which medical attention was received.

  • Accidental Death*

This type of death is defined as any death related to an accident. It excludes deaths related to a pre-existing condition.

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Livelihood Protection Policy

The Livelihood Protection Policy (LPP) is a trigger-based insurance policy, which is designed to help especially non-salary income earners to cope with the severe impacts on their livelihood following extreme weather events (rain and wind). The intent is to provide individuals with an amount of money within a short period of time following an extreme weather event in order to stabilize their financial situation.

How does the product work?

When there is a rain or wind event that exceeds a specified trigger level, the policy will payout an amount (up to the policy limit) based on the trigger level reached.

• Payout is based on the weather index (Excess rainfall and high wind speed measured in each Parish)
• Each parish has pre-defined thresholds, called trigger values, corresponding to different trigger levels and amount of payout
• Once a trigger value is reached, the payout will be “triggered” automatically
• No field loss assessment, no claims process
• Payout made through customer’s Account

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The SMARTprotect Policy is insurance protection for your handset against theft, liquid damage and/or physical damage*. If your phone is stolen, SMARTprotect will replace it* or if it has physical or liquid damage, SMARTprotect will cover the cost of repair and restore standard functionality of the handset.

How can you get SMARTprotect?
Upon purchase of your handset from our partner Smart Mobile Solutions, you must register and pay for the insurance.
Please note:
1. The policy you collect is not a legal document until the registration process is complete.
2. You cannot make a claim if the registration process is not completed.
3. Registration is complete when you have discussed the terms and conditions of the Policy with the Insurance company and paid the Full premium or the first installment.
4. Registration must be completed within fourteen (14) days from the purchase of the phone.

How long does SMARTprotect cover your phone?
Each SMARTprotect Policy is valid for eighteen (18) months* from the date of the completion of the registration process.

How can you make a claim on your SMARTprotect policy?
1. Call the insurer at 926-5442 and advise that you intend to make a claim.
2. If your phone was stolen ensure that you report it to the police within 48 hours of it being stolen. The insurer will need to see a copy of the police report receipt;
3. In the case of claims for repair of the handset you will need to take in the damaged handset to the participating retailer
4. You must provide all the supporting documentation and evidence to validate the claim. If this is not done within ninety (90) days from reporting the claim, the claim will expire.

Have any other questions about SMARTProtect, give us a call at 926-5442 today.


GK Travel Insurance

The GK Travel Insurance policy was designed to help protect you and or your loved ones while travelling overseas. Whether it is for vacation, business trips or studying overseas our policy provides affordable worldwide cover under our Standard and Schengen policies.

We offer the following types of coverage:

  1. Worldwide Assistance Services
    • Emergency travel and accommodation arrangements
    • 24-hour medical emergency telephone helpline.
    • Replacement of lost travel documents.


  1. Personal Accident Cover
    • If you suffer accidental bodily injury during your trip, which directly caused your death or permanent disability within 12 months, you are covered.


  1. Overseas Medical and Dental Expenses
    • If you are traveling overseas and suffer any sudden and unforeseen bodily injury or illness, or you pass away during your trip, you are covered up to the limit of the policy.


  1. Travel and Related Expenses
    • Trip Cancellation
    • Trip Interruption
    • Anticipated Return
    • Trip Delay


  1. Personal Baggage
    • If your personal baggage is damage, delayed, stolen, destroyed or lost (and not recovered) during your trip, you are covered up to the limit of liability in the schedule of benefits.


  1. Legal Assistance in respect to the following,
    • Bail Bond
    • Personal Liability


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GK Travel Insurance


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