Motor Insurance

You love your car and drive with care. Isn’t it time you got better coverage? Insure with GK General Insurance and experience Customer Service that exceeds your premium expectations.

The options for motor insurance are:

1. Premier Policy

  • Comprehensive cover
    • Covers others
    • Covers your vehicle
  • Increased limits of liability
  • Capped excess (depending on make of vehicle)
  • Free emergency Roadside Assistance with REACT Road Rescue

Benefits of REACT are:

  • 24 hours/7 days; night/day; weekend/pubic holidays
  • On the spot minor repairs in case of car trouble (roadside only)
  • Wrecker/ambulance services (1st wrecker free up to $5,000 for breakdown)
  • Accident scene assistance
  • Courtesy transport to your intended destination

To contact REACT call: 1-888-273-7283; 1-888-273-2873; 1-888-937-3228

What you need to present to REACT:

  • The insured’s name
  • The vehicle registration number (your license plate)
  • Your premier motor policy number

At the scene the response team will ask to see:

  • Your valid driver’s license
  • Your GK General Insurance covernote/insurance certificate

2. Premier Lady Policy

  • For ladies only
  • 25% discount
  • Vehicle must be valued $1.5m or more
  • Vehicle used for social, domestic and pleasure only

3. Third Party

  • Lowest premium
  • Covers damage to other vehicles
  • No cover for damage to your vehicle

4. Third Party Fire & Theft

  • Low premium
  • Covers damage to other vehicles, property or bodily injury to third parties
  • Covers loss of your vehicle due to fire or theft

5. Short Term Policies

  • Policy for 4 months or 6 months
  • Lower premium
  • Longer period to pay while maintaining your cover

6. Policy Wording

Premier Motor Policy Wording

To view our policy wording, please click the link below

Motor Policy Wording

Extra features for you to consider adding to your policy :
1. Replacement Vehicle Hire
For as little as $2,500 you can have access to a rented motor car, should you not have access to your car due to theft and/or an accident.*
2. Vehicle Tracking Discount
Get an extra 10% off your motor insurance by installing a tracking device.
3. Personal Accident Coverage
While on the road driving everyday, insurance will get your vehicle repaired if in an accident. But what happens if you got injured?
Comprehensive policy holders have a 100% death benefit amongst other features while our Third Party policyholders do not have personal accident cover. Contact us for more details to find out how you can upgrade your coverage.