JIIC Helping To Build Jamaica Through The Arts

JIIC Helping To Build Jamaica Through The Arts

George Lois, American designer and author, once said creativity can solve almost any problem.

Through the process of innovation, the mind opens up to change and anything becomes possible. A well-rounded individual is believed to be one that can thrive in a variety of disciplines, arts included.

To ignore the arts and not reward creativity would be doing a dis-service to personal development and, by extension, society. Jamaica possesses a culture that is extremely creative and naturally predisposed to the arts. Our music and food are famous internationally and our people are well known for their creativity. All of this would be impossible without help and support from society.

Grace Kennedy General Insurance Company (GK General Insurance) is one corporate entity that consistently supports the arts and cultural events.

Under-recognised area

Marketing manager at GK General Insurance, Elizabeth Chung said, “GK General Insurance recognises that the arts tend to not get the level of support from corporate sponsors, as perhaps sports and other social-development initiatives. We see the arts as an area where we can make a valuable contribution to fostering the preservation and enhancement of our culture and that this too is a critical part of accomplishing the social re-engineering that is required in our society.”

GK General Insurance, in maintaining its commitment to the arts, has sponsored creative events such as STETHS Pomedy Show, a fund-raising comedy and poetry event held at St Elizabeth Technical High School, the inaugural Jamaica Poetry Festival and, most recently, the Lion’s Club fund-raising concert, Musical Delights.

The company has also sponsored the In Motion Dance Company, Tivoli Dance Troupe, Professional Moves Dance Company and UWI Dance Society.

Another GK General Insurance-sponsored event is Poetry in Motion, organised by poet Yasus Afari.

“GK General Insurance is more of a partner than a sponsor. They have treated Poetry in Motion as a flagship project. We provide clean, intelligent fun for the entire family,” he said.

Poetry in Motion is an annual cultural-arts event that has been staged for the last nine years, six of which GK General Insurance has been a sponsor.

Afari said more companies should sponsor the arts as these events improve the social health of the country.

“We go through so much trauma and hard times. People need something to reassure them, to embrace each other. To let them know they are part of the human community. The arts can help to remind you to have good manners, to be gracious. It is good for nation building.”

Through reinforcement of the arts and positive vibes, Afari said society can learn and feel inspired. “Accelerate the positive. Celebrate the arts,” he said.

Published in the Jamaica Gleaner