Community Activities

2014: Kensington Primary School- St. Catherine

As GK General Insurance constantly seeks to assist members in the communities in which we operate, we had the chance to be a part of the development of the Audio Visual Centre at Kensington Primary School in Portmore St. Catherine.

GK General Insurance assisted with  phase 2 in the development of the audio visual centre that will benefit the over 1700 primary school children that attend the school. GK General Insurance’s contribution included the leveling and  re-tiling of the entire audio visual building, the installation of an Air Conditioning Unit with condenser, the installation of a ceiling fan and providing lights for the entire building.

With phase 3 to slated to occur in 2015, is proud to have been part of the development of this centre that will greatly impact the development of the Kensington youth.

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2014: Ward 5 of The Victoria Jubilee Hospital- Kingston

With Christmas fast approaching and in keeping with its community outreach programme, team GK General Insurance got an early start to spreading the Christmas cheer at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital. On Saturday November 22, GK General Insurance, your insurance place from GraceKennedy, turned out to repaint the West Wing of the Maternity Ward as well as hand over a refrigerator, a mobile pressure unit and new chairs for the nursing stations.

Elizabeth Chung, Manager of Brand, Customer Experience and Innovation at GK General Insurance, noted that the company was pleased to be able to make the donation, saying, “We are sure that the equipment donated will go a long way in assisting with the critical care of newborns at the VJH, and we are pleased to be able to contribute. In addition, I am sure that the painting of the maternity ward will significantly uplift the overall aesthetic of the hospital, and in turn, help to keep the new mothers in good spirits”. She also stated that she was as usual happy with the support of GK General Insurance team members on the day as well, saying, “At GK General Insurance, we emphasize giving back to the communities that we serve. Our team embraces this mission as seen by the number of staff members who took time out of their Saturday morning to repaint the Maternity Ward today”.

Verna Dwyer, Acting Deputy CEO of the Victoria Jubilee hospital and her team were happy to see GK General Insurance assisting with the ward’s rehaul. She stated “Victoria Jubilee sees thousands of mothers on a yearly basis and we seek to provide the best environment for them and their newborns. GK General Insurance’s assistance has significantly improved the overall aesthetic with the new paint. And with the new refrigerator we will be able to maintain our medical supplies, a pressing need that has now been met”.

The VJH was established in 1887 in honour of Queen Victoria, who celebrated her Jubilee anniversary that year. A public subscription fund was put in place for people to contribute towards the erecting of the building. It is the largest referral maternity hospital in the English speaking Caribbean, seeing more than 70,000 women each year. Many of the hospital’s outpatients are from the inner city communities that surround the hospital.

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2013: New Green Primary & Junior High School - Mandeville

The Back to School craze is in full effect and GK General Insurance, your insurance place from GraceKennedy, has been caught up in the activities. This year, the GK General Insurance team found themselves in New Green, Mandeville interacting with students, parents and teachers. In an effort to aid New Green Primary and Junior High School’s technological development, the GK General Insurance team revamped the school’s computer lab with donations that included the installation of a computer network system, two (2) computer units inclusive of PCs and monitors, a multifunctional printer and educational posters.

New Green Primary and Junior High School’s principal, Blossom Foster, was wholeheartedly grateful for the assistance they received from GK General Insurance. “We`re glad that GK General Insurance came on board when they did as they have provided a way for our children to advance their learning,“ she stated. “In a time when corporate companies are contracting on charity, GK General Insurance has come through for us.“

At the recent official handing over ceremony, Member of Parliament Hon. Mikael Phillips said he would like to “thank GK General Insurance for playing their part in the development of our children.“ He further went on state that he implores other private sector organizations to follow in the footsteps of the general insurance company.

Acting Customer Experience and Innovations Manager, Jordon Tait, advised that GK General Insurance is a company that loves opportunities like this to give back. “GK General Insurance is a place that looks for opportunities to contribute to the development of the communities we serve and our country on a whole.“

GK General Insurance has been in the business of giving back since its inception in 1981 and they continue to keep their promise of contributing to the development of Jamaica in any way possible so long as they continue to get the support of the communities in which they serve and the wider Jamaica.

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2013: Spanish Town Infant & Basic School - St. Catherine

Sports Day will be more fun at last! That is the feeling held at the Spanish Town Infant and Primary School. A sense of safety and security has returned to the students and teachers of the school as they looked upon the recent addition to the school wall.

GK General Insurance, your insurance place from GraceKennedy, rebuilt a section of the school’s wall, which had been destroyed over 2 years ago. The absence of this part of the wall allowed unwanted individuals and animals to enter and pass through the school at their leisure.

The GK General Insurance team not only covered the expenses of building the wall, the team also planned a staff work day. GK General Insuranceites, students and school officials alike had fun painting the wall, making a handprint mural from both GK General Insurance team and students’ handprints also planting flowers in an effort to further beautify the school.

GK General Insurance’s Managing Director Grace Burnett said that “we welcome opportunities like this. Our children need to be safe at all times and next to their homes, their school should be the safest place. We accept that the government cannot do it alone and when you give to a child it has the potential to multiply and change the world”.

The teachers, students and parents from the Spanish Town Infant School were all very grateful for GK General Insurance’s help as it came right in time for the school year, which started in September 2013.

Spanish Town Infant School Principal Stephanie Carter-Brown expressed “a big thank you to GK General Insurance for building the wall. One of the early childhood standards is safety and this wall that GK General Insurance has built will help us to keep our children safe.”

Dalbert Simmonds, President of the Spanish Town Infant School PTA, stated that the school sent out a number of letters to organizations for help and GK General Insurance was the only corporate entity who had responded.

Not only focused on being good corporate citizens, GK General Insurance is of the firm belief that they will lend a hand to the development of Jamaica whenever they can.

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2012: The Salvation Army's Rae Town Basic School - Kingston

Education minister the Rev. Ronnie Thwaites has given the charge for corporate Jamaica to become involved in the development of early childhood education in order to improve the social proficiency of our society. GK General Insurance, your insurance place from GraceKennedy, answered that call by supporting the improvement of the early childhood programme of the Salvation Army. It was refreshing to see members of the GK General Insurance team leave the comfort of their offices to take on the task of improving the Salvation Army Rae Town Basic School. Their recent staff work day consisted of numerous team members working assiduously to put new coats of paint on some areas of the school as well as planting flowers to provide beautification as a garden. Paint cans and brushes lined the schoolyard as GK General Insurance displayed their efforts at transforming the school.

GK General Insurance’s marketing manager, Elizabeth Chung, shared that “the needs of the Salvation Army’s early childhood programme was brought to our attention via a letter from one of our directors who has a relationship with the organization. The needs and how GK General Insurance could assist were clear and so the team rallied together and started the process of engaging with the school’s administration to repair the badly broken infrastructure.

One of GraceKennedy’s initiatives has been to revitalize and enhance the Downtown community. A subsidiary of GraceKennedy, GK General Insurance’s contribution to the Rae Town Basic School reaffirms the effort towards enhancing downtown. As of today, Rae Town Basic School has a beautifully refurbished lunchroom inclusive of a brand new deep freezer, refurbished bathrooms and new playground equipment. In addition to donating the playground equipment, GK General Insurance also donated a weed whacker to ensure that the grounds remain well kept so that the children can continuously play in their new area.

Mrs. Chung was happy to report that “The administrator, the teachers, the divisional head of the Salvation Army, vice chairman of the board; everyone is very grateful and happy with the work done and the items donated“.
She also reported that GK General Insurance was extremely happy to be able to partner with the Salvation Army and though there are hopes to continue working with the organization to enhance the early childhood programmes, Jamaica too has to play her part. “GK General Insurance thrives on giving back to our community. In order to continue doing so we simply ask that our fellow Jamaicans continue to support us so that we can always be there to support them.

GK General Insurance is completely dedicated to giving back. They are involved in anything from cultural events to community projects as focusing on these areas ensure the continuous development of the Jamaican people.

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2011: The YMCA - Kingston

As a part of our objective to be involved in our community, GK General Insurance assists in creating fun places in our community where our people, especially our clients and staff, can spend quality family time. We consider the YMCA a part of our immediate New Kingston community and many GraceKennedy staff members and their families have benefitted from activities provided by the ‘Y’. One such activity is the their learn-to-swim programme.

GK General Insurance gave back to the ‘Y’ by assisting to refurbish their recreational pocket park; since its completion, the area has been used for parties and has become a source of revenue for the institution, even while fulfilling the objective of being a fun place.

These initiatives take on added significance for us because our staff members participate in work days, contributing time and effort to assist with the projects.

See some before and after pictures below.

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2011: Kids Discovery Zone (KDZ) - St.Andrew

In keeping with our Balance Scorecard objectives, GK General Insurance works hard at creating a fun place to work. As an extension of that goal, GK General Insurance partnered with the Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust (JCDT) to add a Kids Discovery Zone to Hollywell Park in the Blue & John Crow Mountains.

According to Andrew Levy “…the Hollywell Park in itself is a wonderful place to visit and the addition of the Kids Discovery Zone (KDZ) will go a small way to enhancing the experience that families will have there…”

Susan Otuokon, Executive Director of the JCDT, describes the KDZ at Hollywell as an interactive play centre designed to facilitate play among children ages 2 to 12 years while educating them about the environment of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. The themes of the national park are all interpreted in sketches and murals, games and story telling, sights and sounds and in the general architecture of the structure. It is the first environmental interpretation centre in Jamaica. It reflects the modern concept of out-of-classroom interactive learning without damage to the environment.

See below for some of the highlights from the opening of the KDZ!

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2010: KnockPatrick Community - Mandeville

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2009: Melrose Mews Kids Zone - Mandeville

Our branches are located in Kingston, Mandeville, Portmore and Montego Bay. As a result, we encourage team-members in these branches to indicate a possible project in communities in the surrounding environs.
A developing residential community, Melrose Mews was the perfect site for GK General Insurance to have the opportunity to give back. We created a recreational park for the families of the community to enjoy the time with their friends and community members. Swing sets set in a large sand box created a safe play area for the children of the community to play. Concrete benches and tables created additional seating for the parents and guardians as they watch the children near by. Palm trees were planted to add to the beauty of the park and for added shade in the area.

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2008: Claremont Heights - Old Harbour

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2007: Wee Care Basic School - Montego Bay

Wee Care Basic School  and  Day Care Centre is in the centre of it all in the town of Montego Bay. This small facility offers so much for the future minds of our country. A small space for 100 or more children, it acts as both a basic school and a Day Care centre and operates on shifts. GK General Insurance  refurbished the children’s play area in the school, providing them with a safe area to enjoy their youth. To facilitate their homework, arts and crafts and other activities outside, we provided concrete tables and benches for the children to use during their lunch break.

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